Friday, December 26, 2008

Yum! Christmas goodies

You just never know who's lurking around your neighborhood, or even your house!

My friend Pam slipped these home made candies into our mailbox with our mail. Getting bills never tasted so good.

There was a time that Pam and I would try to get together before the holidays and make some candy. She's an excellent all around cook, but in high school she worked in a shop where they made candy daily.


I always have to stop and absorb that fact.

She worked in a shop where they made candy daily.

That's like God's own work.

Anyway, now back to today's story: Not only did she sneak about making candy without me, but she sneaked over to our house and placed said candy in said mailbox.

Thank you Pam! It's wonderful!

Oops! I ate one before I remembered
to get the camera.

Pam and I have some fun stories about making candy and one time we even made blackberry jelly from blackberries we picked. These are all due to Pam's expertise --I was always the student. Maybe someday I will share some of them of those stories with you.

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