Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Glazing and firing 2008-12-10

Tuesday night I went to Clayworks to meet Greg to glaze and load the gas kiln. I was surprised to find a whole crew there unloading pallets of clay from the Highwater delivery when I arrived. They unloaded three whole pallets and I only caught some of the third one.

Afterward some of us rested in the kitchen with a beverage of our choice for some conversation and fellowship. This kind of comradery is what makes the Clayworks crew special.

Once Greg, Amy, and I got to glazing it was apparent that it would be a late night (or early morning). Greg and I left the studio at 3:15 (that's a.m. for those playing along at home). It was a lot later than I had planned on staying, but it was 1:30 when I finished glazing and I wanted to see it through to the end.

Becky, Minke, and Amy
relaxing after a job well done.
(~8:00 p.m.)

Rick: right back to work.

Time for me to start glazing
(and staining).

Left: orangestone with glaze
Right: craggy crunch with stains, rutile and copper wash
(1:30 a.m.)

Orangestone with Rick's shino
and Kim's mystery glaze.

Greg checking how many veins are in his forehead.

Greg had quite a batch for this firing
and he layered them deeply with
glazes and other additions.

Loaded and ready.

Inspecting a job well done.

The blue agent of change.
(3:15 a.m.)

Flame on...


Ron said...

Looks like a busy night. Hope that firing went/is going well.

Amy said...

Wow... what a good post and a late night! So, it was just beginning at 11 pm when I left. Say hey, do you remember if my pots 'made the cut' or are they still on the shelf? Looks like Greg had a bunch of big pieces in this firing. Oh.. and gotta figure out how to enlarge the photos on my blog. Hmmmm

Becky said...

I predict some gorgeous pots will emerge from that firing! When do you unload?

jbf said...

It's going swimmingly. I just returned from the studio and we finished glaze reduction. Now it's all over but the waitin'.

ALL the pots got in. It was a loose pack, so things should be interesting.

I hope so. Greg is going to unload Friday afternoon. I hope to get in there Friday night.