Friday, September 21, 2018

2018-03-08 - Thursday - Amazon

In the "you really can get anything on Amazon" department, this order arrived today.

Mold bands for upcoming project.

Sleep mask for bright rooms.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

2018-03-07 - Wednesday - Goneaway Pottery

I made this graphic using stencils available on my phone. I like it and thought it was worth sharing here.


2018-03-07 - Wednesday - Mint, yard, Empty Bowls

When I walked out on Wednesday I was struck by how nice the heuchera looked. It seems to be liking its home.

Wednesday night I went to hear Denny Gerwin speak at The Mint Museum. He covered his education and career so far by reading short stories he wrote about the people and events in his life and how they related to his work. It was nice.

To find out more about Denny Gerwin go here, here, here, or here.

Later I went to Clayworks to glaze more Empty Bowls.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018-03-06 - Tuesday - Empty Bowls glazing

Tuesday night I glazed a batch of empty bowls. Onward and upward.


...and glazed.

When I got home I noticed a glow in the sky to the south.

It was intriguing.

Really intriguing.


2018-03-05 - Monday - Deer and pots

Monday I noticed a perfect cloven hoofprint in the backyard. Deer are everywhere here in the city.

Monday night I added accents to the pots for Hal's kiln.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2018-03-03 - Saturday - Muddy Fun and then some

Saturday was Muddy Fun day and we had the usual group of enthusiastic students and volunteers.

At lunchtime I went to the Common Market and got a modified Evil Homer sandwich, red pepper gouda bisque, and a Mexicali Stout. Yum.

After lunch I made three pots that are to be fired in my friend Hal's groundhog wood kiln. More refinements to come later.

I thought I'd leave an inspirational message on the white board.

Later that evening Karen and I went out to dinner and I got this fortune.

We are scheduled to go to Amelia Island, FL, and an Alaskan cruise this year, so I guess it's correct.


2018-03-01 - Thursday - Serious Moonlight

Thursday night there was some serious moonlight in the backyard after the rain cleared out. I just couldn't walk by it without snapping a photo.