Monday, January 23, 2017

2017-01-12 - Thursday - Pushing limits

I pushed the swirl pots further on Thursday and cut them off the bats.

You can see how the swirl pots began by what the clay looks like when I cut the pot off the bat.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017-01-11 - Wednesday - Swirl pots

Wednesday I tried something different (I know, go figure) and started some swirl pots. These began as four columns of two different colored clays and they were "swirled" by the throwing.

I then pushed, pulled and prodded them into different shapes because they reminded me of sandstone canyons worn smooth. They need to set up a bit before I stretch them any further.

I started with the clay in this configuration.

This is Antelope Canyon in Arizona.


2017-01-10 - Tuesday - Breakfast with friends

Tuesday I had breakfast with some friends.

Bowl by me, mug by Jeff Pender, spoon rests
by Susan Hughes and Kit Mitra, salt shaker by Lisa Connell

Tuesday night I made a couple of garlic pots. These were the first pots I made in 2017 and the first in almost two months. It felt good to get my hands dirty again.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017-01-07 - Saturday - Snow, no show

While the meteorologists were calling for 4-7 inches of snow, we ended up with 1/4 inch of ice and 1/4 inch of snow. The best part was that the roads all melted by midday and everything was clear and dry.

I wonder what people are going to do with all that food they bought. I know the supermarkets' profits are off to a great start for 2017.

At least it was pretty.

No shoveling required.

I can't even break through the underlying ice.

Ice still clinging to the branches.

Snowy lichen.

Christmas Eve I stopped by Clayworks to drop off some supplies and found that someone had left me a small gift bag of Dove dark chocolate candies on my shelf. When we left for Pennsylvania on Monday I looped one of the handles over my gear shift to make it a handy snack during the drive. I still have one left.

Thank you whoever gave me the candy, it's been a great treat and I have savored each one.

Handy candy.


Friday, January 13, 2017

2017-01-05 - Thursday - Oh no! Snow!

They are calling for snow on Friday night and beginning Wednesday the food stores were wiped out. People are apparently blowing their monthly food budget in a couple of days of frenzied buying. I'm used to everyone snapping up the milk and bread, but this time it was the produce section, the meat section, even the canned beans were gone. I've never seen it this bad and I've lived here for more than 36 years.

Why do people panic-buy food if a few inches of snow is predicted? Do they think we will be snowed in for days or weeks? What will they do with all this food if they lose power due to the storm? I don't get it.

When I worked in the deli department about 12 years ago I would have regular customers come in every week and buy 1/2 pound of ham and 1/2 pound of cheese. When snow was predicted the same people would buy 4 and 5 pounds of meat. For what? If they only ate 1/2 pound per week were they planning on being snowed in for 8 weeks? Did they think the food would last that long without spoiling?

Did I mention that I don't get it?

It's kind of scary. If this kind of melee happens when a few inches of snow are predicted, what would happen if something really scary was going on? I shudder to think about it.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017-01-01 - Sunday - Happy New Year!

Some thoughts about this blog going into 2017.

This is my 1396th post since I started this blog in 2008. How did I ever find the time to make 1396 posts? Who would have thought it would live this long? It's become a part of my everyday life and a way to document it. It's also a way to stay connected to the friends and family who read it.

Here's the email I sent out to friends and family about it on 6/20/2008:
I apologize in advance if I've already told you, but I finally started a blog.  No, I'm not too old --apparently there's no age limit.  :^)

A lot of folks I know are blogging (you can see a lot of their blogs listed on mine), so I thought I would give it a try.  It's just another way to keep in touch in the '00s.

I hope I can make it interesting.

At 1396 posts over 9 years, that's 155 posts per year, or about 13 per month (rounded). Who knew?

Here's to almost nine years of blogging and still not knowing what I'm on about.

On to 2017...

I hope it's interesting.

On Sunday we loaded up the van and drove back to Charlotte. Funny, the van is always more full on the way home.

It was a nice drive especially now that I installed my auxiliary port and I could listen to my iPod during the trip.

Loaded for bear.

When we got home we picked up some take out food and I received the most appropriate fortune I've ever seen. It struck home since I've been in the "field of computer technology" since 1979.

Yes, 38 years and still enjoying it.

So far.

Fortune after the fact.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016-12-30 - Friday - Out with the old

One of the last things we did in 2016 was to burn a bunch of old instrument boxes. In cleaning out the attic, we found a bunch of old height gauges and micrometers. Unfortunately, many of them had irreparable rust on them so they went off to scrap and the usable ones went to Eva's office where they actually use that type of thing.

After scrapping the bad ones we had a lot of wooden boxes that were impregnated with machine oil from years of use and also very dry from being in the attic. As you'd expect, they burned very quickly. That's also an old, pipe-framed picnic table for scale.