Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009-04-29 Wednesday

My parents came for a visit in their new motorhome for Meredith's Confirmation. It is 42 feet long and BARELY fits in the driveway, but it is amazing. There is a lot of room inside --I will post some interior pictures soon. My new camera came and I have a lot to learn about the features.

It has four slides and takes up the whole driveway.

Bishop Jugis annoints Meredith.

One out of three hostas came back in the back yard.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009-04-26 All Fired Up

The 2009 All Fired Up fundraiser roared by last night. While attendance was lower than desired, the event was a lot of fun. If you missed it, you REALLY missed it. Clayworks took on a fairy tale appearance with the addition of thousands of Christmas lights. The whole place was transformed into a wonderland of friends, food, and art. Thanks to all the attendees, volunteers, and especially to Adrienne and Julie who really jump through hoops every year to create a great party and make it look easy.

With the silent auction, door prizes, music, food, beverages, desserts (yes, they deserve their own separate category!), and raku, things were hopping. Add to that the wild fun of the clay olympics and you will see how memorable the night was.

It was pretty warm, but at least us folks in the raku department didn't have to deal with inclement weather for a change. The raku went well and the pieces came out great. I'd like to give a big thanks to Nick, my raku partner-in-crime.

Directly following the big shindig, everyone pitched in and converted it back to a working clay studio in no time at all. It's an amazing transformation to witness.

A few of us late-nighters stayed and chatted for a while after everything was done. It was nice to relax and unwind a bit. There was talk of going to the Penguin, but that will have to be another time when we're all feeling a bit younger.

The clay olympics in full swing.

Julie is MCing the olympics.

The silent auction.

The bar.

The food.

The desserts.

The lights.

The lights.

The DJ.

Some major reduction.

Some fun after the fun.

You can see more pictures at Amy's and Becky's blogs.

Friday, April 24, 2009

2009-04-23 Thursday Trimming and Shelf Helpers

Thursday I went to the studio to trim some pots and make some supports to hold my shelves up at the shows. I thought instead of using bricks I would like to use something I made. I hope to make them look kind of rustic with my glazing choices. I like some of Nick's glaze work so after talking to him tonight, I have some great ideas. Thanks, Nick.

The three dark pots in the front are mine.

I threw ten supports in pairs
so the shelves should sit evenly.

We also moved all the wheels
out of the front classroom
and most out of the second classroom
to make room for All Fired Up,
Clayworks' annual fundraiser.
If you can make it on Saturday,
come on out and have a great time.

The room looks so empty after moving the wheels.

2009-04-22 Wednesday Tallest Pot Yet

I finished up my tallest pot to date on Wednesday by throwing a neck and attaching it to the body. It was a tricky process because it was my first one --I hope it gets easier and quicker if I make some others. Thanks to Greg Scott and Leon Nichols for all their advice and Chuck for inspiring me with his great pot.

The only problem right now is that the pot is 26" tall and the electric kilns are 25" tall. It should work out since the pot will shrink a bit as it dries and we can take out the bottom kiln shelf since there is no glaze to drip on it. If not, we can lean it over for the bisque firing. We'll make it work.

The neck is thrown.

The neck is installed.

The culprit at the scene.

Nick and Nat with words of encouragement.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009-04-21 Tuesday New Pots

I have finally taken some pictures of some finished pots. These pots were fired in the last two ^10 gas firings. I will try to post some of the others as time permits.

This is the pot with the sutures
that I sprayed with oxides:
iron, copper, rutile, and cobalt
(alfred blue glaze).

Spotted shino with alfred blue.

Spotted shino with alfred blue on rim.

Detail on rim and neck.

Yunomi with spotted shino and alfred blue.
Sprayed with some oxides.

Yunomi with spotted shino and alfred blue.
Sprayed with some oxides.

Spotted shino with oribe on rim
and yanagahara accents.

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009-04-20 Potted John

I am honored that my friend Max took the time out of his day to create this picture of me on my latest pot. He calls it "Potted John".

I think he did a great job and I can't wait 'til my fall colors change (wow, I always thought I was a 'winter'...).

I have to get some banding before the cankerworm moths hatch...

Check out Max's blog for some great pottery and photography.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009-04-18 Big Saturday, Part II

After the sale, I headed to the studio to get some catch-up work done. I worked on my largest pot so far, helped unload the glaze kiln with my painted mugs, and ate lunch. Rick gave me a loaf of his homemade bread so I stopped at Harris Teeter and picked up some ham, cheese, and a bottle of Fat Tire. It turned out that Kim had not had lunch so I was glad I could share it with her and we both loved it. Rick makes really great bread.

When I got to the studio
Scott was out back working his magic.

A great loaf of bread on a great plate.

Sandwich or heaven? Both.

It all went too quickly.

Kim enjoyed it as much as I did.

Robin arrived just as we were finishing.

Ju-Ian posing with my tallest pot to date.

I loved the hostility of this pose.

Having some ribbing fun.

The clay dust makes us all a little crazy.

The mugs I painted
and the creamer sets behind them.

Closer view.

2009-04-18 Big Saturday, Part I

I started the day by dropping Meredith off at church for Reconciliation before her Confirmation on the twenty ninth. While she was attending I ran over to Carolina Clay Connection to pick up some tools and bought more than I had planned. It's easy to do there.

While I was there I got to talk to Leon Nichols about large pots and found out he will be taking a new day job and only teaching at night. His ankle is healing nicely and he was getting around pretty well with his new red cast. He reminded me that the Clay Matters Guild is having their meeting there on Sunday. Thanks Leon!

I wish Leon a lot of luck in the new position, but will miss seeing him at the Clay Connection when I make my purchases.

I then went to Rick's house, got the grand tour, and met his dog. The house and yard were great, and his dog is beautiful and very friendly. He has quite a collection of great pottery and the house had the mouth-watering smell of the bread he had baked before I arrived.

The Circle of Eight sale was today and Rick and I went over to peruse the pots. It was a glorious day and an inspiring sale full of wonderful work by a great group of artists. If you missed it, you truly missed "it".

I also finally got to meet Amy's boy Guthrie in the flesh. I have admired all his pictures on the blog, but have missed him by minutes on a few occasions. He was in good spirits, cuter than his pictures, and gave me a big smile when I spoke to him using the universal language of peek-a-boo.

Greg getting some refreshments.

A great display of a great collection of art.

Amy's work.

Happy shoppers.

More happy shoppers.

The long line of tables.

Ron's work in front of a pretty dogwood.

2009-04-17 It's All About Julie --almost

Today a bunch of us went to the Mint Museum of Craft and Design to see Julie do a demo at lunch. Some of us stopped by Reid's to pick up sandwiches and then sauntered over to the Mint.

Julie did an excellent demo and we all enjoyed it and the lunches we brought. Adrienne has one next month and I hope to get to that one too.

They were knocking down the building
across the street from the studio.

Julie's cooking show.

Julie reaching the back row.

Throwing off the hump.

The audience is rapt.

Rick enjoying the demo.

When I got back to the studio, these little gems were being unloaded from the kiln.

All Fired Up items.