Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday 2009-04-05

Spent Sunday in the yard doing the annual first strike. Our lawn mower finally gave out after twenty-one years --don't you hate when that happens? I picked up a new one at Sears and took it on it's maiden voyage. It worked well, but the self-propulsion cable is set too tightly and when you start the mower you are moving out whether you are ready or not. Hopefully Sears will adjust it under warranty.

Implements of mass destruction.
(Including Binkley.)

I tilled up one of my vegetable beds.

And didn't touch the other one.
This one has oregano growing in it
so it will be tougher to clean.

The compost pile on the right
and the spot I will turn it into on the left.
(It's only been two years since I turned it...)

The strata of the compost pile.
(Please excuse the camera strap.)

Tomato cages waiting for a call to action.

Got your nose!

Oh, there it is.
Gotta' play a bit after all that work.

With all those gas powered machines
there has to be many gas cans
with different oil mixtures.

Here's another project waiting for me.
New air registers for everyone!

Those signs looks familiar.
I'll have to use them again some day.

I had to get pottery into the post somehow.
Back of the garage.

A fuzzy caterpiller with a mission.