Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009-04-29 Wednesday

My parents came for a visit in their new motorhome for Meredith's Confirmation. It is 42 feet long and BARELY fits in the driveway, but it is amazing. There is a lot of room inside --I will post some interior pictures soon. My new camera came and I have a lot to learn about the features.

It has four slides and takes up the whole driveway.

Bishop Jugis annoints Meredith.

One out of three hostas came back in the back yard.


Becky said...

Holy smokes! That is SOME motor home! Your parents travel in style! Congrats to Meredith; a wonderful moment & a memorable photo of what will be an important memory for her (and for you) one day. One out of three hostas? You want some more? I can help you with that. :)

jbf said...

Thanks. Wait until you see the pics of the inside.

I don't think the full impact has hit her yet. It will.

I planted three hostas around a maple tree in the back yard ~5 years ago, thinking that they would propagate and I could split them over the years. I think the drought changed that plan even though I babied them as much as I was allowed.

So far I'm likin' the new camera. I was sitting in the last row of the church and got that picture of Meredith and Bishop Jugis with the 20x optical zoom.

Penni said...

That is some motor home, I hope your folks enjoy it and have many happy adventures. We have a 20 foot travel trailer, we love it but with two 80 lb dogs it's a little tight!

I planted 6 hostas in our new garden last August and they all came back this spring! Hostas remind me of NJ as we always had beautiful plants at our house. Just found out my sister ripped them all out!

Congratulations to on your daughter's comfirmation too!

Enjoy your visit with your folks!

jbf said...

They love it and their dog is only 42 lbs.

The deer ate all the ones in the front yard, but (shh!) they're all coming back this year so far.

Thanks, I'll pass it along to her.

Folks left today, but I did enjoy the time.