Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009-04-18 Big Saturday, Part I

I started the day by dropping Meredith off at church for Reconciliation before her Confirmation on the twenty ninth. While she was attending I ran over to Carolina Clay Connection to pick up some tools and bought more than I had planned. It's easy to do there.

While I was there I got to talk to Leon Nichols about large pots and found out he will be taking a new day job and only teaching at night. His ankle is healing nicely and he was getting around pretty well with his new red cast. He reminded me that the Clay Matters Guild is having their meeting there on Sunday. Thanks Leon!

I wish Leon a lot of luck in the new position, but will miss seeing him at the Clay Connection when I make my purchases.

I then went to Rick's house, got the grand tour, and met his dog. The house and yard were great, and his dog is beautiful and very friendly. He has quite a collection of great pottery and the house had the mouth-watering smell of the bread he had baked before I arrived.

The Circle of Eight sale was today and Rick and I went over to peruse the pots. It was a glorious day and an inspiring sale full of wonderful work by a great group of artists. If you missed it, you truly missed "it".

I also finally got to meet Amy's boy Guthrie in the flesh. I have admired all his pictures on the blog, but have missed him by minutes on a few occasions. He was in good spirits, cuter than his pictures, and gave me a big smile when I spoke to him using the universal language of peek-a-boo.

Greg getting some refreshments.

A great display of a great collection of art.

Amy's work.

Happy shoppers.

More happy shoppers.

The long line of tables.

Ron's work in front of a pretty dogwood.

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