Friday, April 24, 2009

2009-04-23 Thursday Trimming and Shelf Helpers

Thursday I went to the studio to trim some pots and make some supports to hold my shelves up at the shows. I thought instead of using bricks I would like to use something I made. I hope to make them look kind of rustic with my glazing choices. I like some of Nick's glaze work so after talking to him tonight, I have some great ideas. Thanks, Nick.

The three dark pots in the front are mine.

I threw ten supports in pairs
so the shelves should sit evenly.

We also moved all the wheels
out of the front classroom
and most out of the second classroom
to make room for All Fired Up,
Clayworks' annual fundraiser.
If you can make it on Saturday,
come on out and have a great time.

The room looks so empty after moving the wheels.

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Becky said...

Those supports look great! We'll see ya tonight at AFU!