Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday 2009-03-21

My sale at the church went well, but could have used some more traffic. The folks at the church were very nice and it was good sale so I will try again. Here is what my table looked like.

I definitely need some multi-tiered displays.

I was offered this second table since nobody was using it.
(Needs covering...)

After the sale I went by Clayworks to get my pots from the last cone 10 firing. (Pictures of them coming later.) Elaine and Becky were there feeling silly and they started playing "my hair as a mustache". We all got a good giggle about it and of course I had to snap a couple of shots.

What happens in the kitchen doesn't always stay in the kitchen,
but it probably should. :^)


Becky said...

Oh oh. Next shot you take of me in the kitchen will be of Cousin It. That way I can stay incognito. lol.

jbf said...

I think you were having WAY too much fun in those pics. I love the way you are laughing out loud.