Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday 2009-04-08

Wednesday night I finally got around to doing something with my "sutured" pot. Following Greg's advice, I sprayed it with iron oxide, copper, rutile, and Alfred Blue (with lots of cobalt in it). I then dotted it with Alfred Blue and some other glazes. I was afraid of covering my sutures if I glazed the whole piece, so I went for the alternative option.

The sutured pot.

Yunomi with an accidental plant shape.

A pot I made at the Neighborhood Theater
at the ASC fundraiser.
One of Angela's friends altered it
by pushing her finger in both sides of it.

Bob and Joe in a glazing frenzy.

Virginia getting some pointers from Greg.

Ralph and Pete with one of Pete's beautiful pots.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oooh! Most exciting, and you're right also about Pete's pottery.

Amy said...

it's fun to see these pics, especially since most of these (or all?) have come out of the gas kiln. they turned out so well.

jbf said...

It's true. Pete doesn't make a lot of pots in an evening, but the ones he does make are great.

Thanks, I hope to get the pictures of the finished pots up soon.