Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday 2009-04-03 Clayworks Spring Sale

Friday was the Clayworks Spring Sale. There were beautiful pieces of art everywhere you looked. It really was a surreal experience being surrounded by all that work from all those talented people all in one place.

There was music, food, and folks shopping.

Some old friends stopped in to see us and spend some time. I got to demo with Ju-Ian. I was throwing and she was altering and hand building. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again soon.

LuAnn came by to see Elaine
and it was nice to see her again after such long time.

No pictures, please.
(Look at that thenar eminence
not to mention the hypothenar.
She could throw some great plates.)

Ju-Ian demonstrates her art.

Cary talking to someone
that doesn't want to be on a blog.

Rick, Judith, and Frances.

Nick looking pensive with unknown (to me) friend.

Amy and Ron.

The sales tables.

Tomoo and Nat at the sale.

The gallery.

More gallery.

Sunshine browsing the pots.

Nat and Tomoo hangin' out.

Becky (and her chartreuse boots).

Amy and Pete.
(Pete is the new carrot spokesperson.)

Debbie and Becky watching me demo.
Oh yeah, I was there too.

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