Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009-04-18 Big Saturday, Part II

After the sale, I headed to the studio to get some catch-up work done. I worked on my largest pot so far, helped unload the glaze kiln with my painted mugs, and ate lunch. Rick gave me a loaf of his homemade bread so I stopped at Harris Teeter and picked up some ham, cheese, and a bottle of Fat Tire. It turned out that Kim had not had lunch so I was glad I could share it with her and we both loved it. Rick makes really great bread.

When I got to the studio
Scott was out back working his magic.

A great loaf of bread on a great plate.

Sandwich or heaven? Both.

It all went too quickly.

Kim enjoyed it as much as I did.

Robin arrived just as we were finishing.

Ju-Ian posing with my tallest pot to date.

I loved the hostility of this pose.

Having some ribbing fun.

The clay dust makes us all a little crazy.

The mugs I painted
and the creamer sets behind them.

Closer view.


Becky said...

I think you had WAY too much fun, John! What a fine time that must have been! Your mugs are GREAT! I fancy the barn and the tree mugs myself. Creamer sets are a lovely blue. Hare's Fur?

jbf said...

Thanks! Yes, hare's fur it is.

Amy said...

great pics! what a tall pot.

jbf said...