Monday, November 12, 2012

October 13 - Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Festival

Saturday was the Fall Pottery Festival and as in the Spring, I had my own booth.  Sales were good and the sun was strong.  A lot of friends stopped by to say hello and lots of new and returning customers made lots of purchases.


October 12 - Raku firing

I raku fired my pods and like the results.

You can see the rest here.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

October 8 - Firing results

We had another good cone 10 firing.  Here are some of the results.

You can see the rest of the work here.


October 1 - Bogota, NJ visit

Wow.  A whole month has gone by again without posts.  It's just so easy to post a quick photo to Facebook it's hard to keep the discipline of updating the blog.  I will do some catch up and hopefully get back to more timely posts (we've heard that before, haven't we?).  Get some popcorn and hang on.

At the end of September I caught a cheap flight so I could visit my brother, do some fossil hunting, celebrate my parents' 55th anniversary, and visit the place we grew up in NJ.  It was a great trip.  We found some nice fossils, spent some great time together, and ate way too much.

Here are some photos of our hometown of Bogota, NJ.

Almost in Bogota.
The wall from Preston Street.
Our old street.
(It's tiny!)
The dead end.
Our old house.
The top of our street.
The Dewey school used to be across the street.
We often played stickball there.
The old strike zone is still there.
This used to be the paved school yard.
View from the top of our street.
Me at the wall at the end of our street.
I spent many hours of my youth here.
This is Preston Street.
We used to sled on this street and it seemed so steep.
Under the Main Street overpass.
We spent a lot of time be the railroad tracks
but they're fenced off now.
The stairs up to the overpass.
The graffiti under the bridge has changed over the years.
Bogota High School.