Thursday, December 25, 2008

Computer crash

My hard drive crashed at about 2:30 am on 12/24 and I spent until ~4:00 am trying to "Lazarus" it. No go. Being the computer professional that I am, I didn't have most of the info on the drive backed up even though I browbeat all my customers to religiously backup their data. "Do as I say, not as I do..."

I ran out to Best Buy on 12/24 at 4:35 pm (the store was closing at 5:00) and picked up a 500gb drive to replace the 250gb failed unit. Today I installed the new drive with the restoration disks which brought it back to the way it was when I purchased the computer in December of 2006. Once I had the machine back up and running I installed the old drive as a secondary and (whew!) most of the info was accessible! It's truly a Christmas miracle.

I will probably be working on it for another month.

Now to catch up on all the new posts...

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