Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Get ready. There are a lot (ten, count 'em!) of posts here since my computer was down. If you want to catch up on them all, you will have to go to 'older posts' at the bottom of the page.


Christmas at our house is exciting for everyone, but especially Binkley. He runs around like a nut because he knows he's going to get a gift. It's amazing how he remembers it when we only do the gift opening in the living room once a year.

He's right in your face until he get's his treat and once he does, he has to prance back and forth through the room with it for twenty minutes before settling down to eat it. All the prancing disrupts the humans opening their presents (it's pretty tight in the living room, what with the tree and all).

Oh, and did I mention that during the prancing everyone's feet are fair game? Even slippers don't protect you from him.

Ah, Christmas memories...

Binkley growling, yelping,
and jumping around
before the melee begins.

After opening the gifts I went to the kitchen to cook pancakes and bacon. Once that was cleaned up, Karen and the girls went to the den to check out the new Wii games that Santa brought. I secluded myself in my office to try and resurrect my computer. (Good news: I'm typing on it right now!).

Karen tries her hand at
Guitar Hero against Meredith.

It was a good, relaxing Christmas.

I hope everyone else had one too.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

BINKLEY! I love your pots here, amigo, merry merry!

nontoxic said...

as they say down here in Texico, "weeweechu a Merry Christmas!"

jbf said...

Thanks! Same to ya'!