Monday, December 8, 2008

The many moods of Stephanie

Saturday was Stephanie's birthday and she and Meredith had signed up for Santa's Bag. It's an event where little kids are led by "elves" through a low cost shopping excursion for their relatives. Our kids went through it when they were younger and now they the elves helping other children. It completes a nice circle.

Stephanie and Laura.

Stephanie and Amanda.

That's one forlorn elf.

Meredith and Stephanie.

Still in the same room.

After our annual excursion to Tony Roma's (Stephanie's favorite, right after Taco Bell), we came home to a Carvel ice cream cake and Kung Fu Panda.


Becky said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Stephanie! Very cool that they help with Santa's Bag. I remember spending many an hour at the Childrens Theatre (on Morehead) for that event.

Amy said...

Santa's bag? Have never heard of it. Guess that's proof that I wasn't born here. Hmmm those would be good halloween costumes too! All in all, sounds like good family time.

jbf said...

Stephanie says "Thanks".

It's nice to watch my kids taking care of other kids. Full circle.