Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday - Working on shelves

Steps upon steps to finish this project.  All the shelves have to be primed and painted which means there is drying time between each step.  I hope I can get it all done before everyone gets here.

We talked about painting the back wall of the shelves with an accent color, so I painted the first one sage green to see if we like it.  The jury is still out on that one.

The folding table in the foreground has a bunch of stuff that was on the old shelves.  The sideboard in the dining room is also full as are two 18-gallon totes.  Needless to say, all those things are not going back onto the shelves when the time comes.

I have set up a temporary table in the garage using totes full of pottery (handy things to have around, eh?).  That's where I'm painting the shelves.  Once I get the shelves finished and back in the bookcase, I can put the bookcase dwellers back and use the folding table to paint the doors.

As you can see in the picture, I have the drapes looped up around the rod since I painted the bow window and haven't taken the tape off yet.

Anyone need anything painted?  I'm thinking of going pro.

Even more disheveled than usual.

Impromptu painting table.

It's so sad when a tripod fails.
This one cost me about $10 in the 80's
so it doesn't really owe me anything.

Binkley inspects the work for edibility.
Luckily it failed.

My good friend Becky gave this bowl of hostas to us
and here's proof for her that they're doing well.

Our decade-old day lily blooms once again.

The elderberry is going crazy.



Linda Starr said...

I have a pool and comfortable bed, bring your elbows, I'll supply the paint, paint brush and meals.

jbf said...

I was definitely kidding! I'll stick to computers and pottery, thanks. This painting thing is making me crazier than usual.

penni said...

Definitely don't need a painter, Rob loves painting! At our old house we hired a painter to do the whole house, and Rob spent the weekend helping him just for fun!
Enjoyed your vacation and garden pictures! It was good to see pictures of Leo, hope he is doing well!
Congratulations on Stephanie's graduation! Have fun with all the family!

jbf said...

I still have not finished the doors to the cabinets. I had to stop working on the bookcase and get the trim in the dining room done.

Leo is doing well. It's been a while and it was really a treat to see him again.

It was hectic, but fun.