Monday, May 30, 2011

Wednesday - Evening

Wednesday evening we had dinner with Karen's cousin Rich, who lives on Coronado.  We had to meet him at the Fish Market on the bay and since it was about a mile, we hired a bicycle taxi to take us there.  We had a nice ride from a man from Brazil.  He actually had enough wind power to carry on a conversation with us while pedaling us around and he attributed it to all the soccer he played.

The Fish Market was great.  We sat facing a floor-to-ceiling window that was right on the bay.  While we caught up with Rich, we watched pelicans diving into the water under a setting sun.  I had the king crab legs and Karen had the king salmon --it was a night of royal dining.

It was great seeing Rich again and we reminisced about all the family cookouts from 30 years ago.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my wife has a great family and they treat me like one of their own.  I'm truly blessed to have two families.

Karen and I decided to walk back to the hotel since the wind had calmed and it was beautiful evening.  On the way, I spotted a heron not 10 feet from us on the rocks on the other side of the wall by the bay.  It was kind enough to let me grab a flash photo before flying off into the dark.  I love herons.

It was a good evening.

Have I mentioned how much I love sunsets?
(Really, light, in general...)

Nice tile mural.

View from our table.

A helicopter (left) and
a pelican (right).

Pelican sunset.

Rich and Karen.

Said heron.



Max said...

some great sunset shots, esp. the pelican sunset.

jbf said...

Thanks! I'm kind of partial to that one too. I tried to get them while they were diving, but there wasn't enough light.