Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday 5/14/11 - Flying

Saturday I had to leave the Barn Sale early to fly to San Diego.  My wife was attending a conference and took me along to do some sight-seeing. 

I snapped some photos out the plane window on the trip out to the west coast.  While the stay was great, the trip was rough.  It was a cramped flight to Chicago and a miserably cramped flight to San Diego.  When you are 6' 3", all non-first class flights are cramped, but even Karen was uncomfortable on that flight and normally we can sleep anywhere.  We arrived at 2:30 am our time and crashed at the hotel.  Thank goodness the bed was really comfortable.

Lots more to come about San Diego...

Bright moonlight.

The photo is not that great,
but that glare is actually moonlight reflecting off the wing flaps.
It was beautiful.



TropiClay Studio said...

Yeah, I'll be flying into San Diego on the 8th. My flight's a little longer though- 17 hrs in the air. Wish us luck with that one...
Can't wait to see some of your new work!

jbf said...

Good luck on such a long flight and have a safe trip.

Thanks, but I can't produce any new work until we move the studio. I hope to be back to work by July.

Penni said...

Have a great trip John! We love San Diego, especially along the bay! Just saw your posting about the snake, you are much braver than I am, I would have been in the house in a flash! I can take garter snakes, we had many of those when the kids were growing up but that is it! Someday I'll tell you two funny snake stories involving my kids! Take care!

jbf said...

San Diego was nice, cold and rainy, but nice.

I respect snakes much more now than I did when I was a kid. Then I would pick up any snake I found.