Friday, May 27, 2011

Monday - San Diego Dinner Cruise

Monday evening saw us on a dinner cruise in San Diego Bay on the California Spirit yacht.  It has two decks of dining rooms and one on top for observation.  There was a bar on each deck and a "casino" on the middle deck with games of chance that awarded the winner in door prize tickets.

The weather was windy and chilly so we didn't stay on the top deck very long, but there was a great opportunity for some skyline photos which I fully exploited.  Even with the great vistas it was very nice to get out of that cutting wind.

Once inside, the meal was good, the beer was cold and the people were friendly which made it a really nice evening.

After supper, between conversations I took some more photos off the stern which wasn't quite as exposed to the wind.

When it was over, Karen and I took the ~1/4 mile walk back to the Hilton and slept like logs in one of their very comfortable beds.

Leaving the dock on the upper deck.

Karen braves the wind.

Great skyline.

The 26-foot Unconditional Surrender sculpture.

The USS Midway museum.

View off the stern.

Sunset on the bay.

Interesting cloud formation.

I can't resist a nice sunset...

A water taxi pulled up along side
while the pilot showed his trainee
how to match speed for a passenger transfer.

The US Navy yard past the bridge to Coronado.

Lovely skies.

The main deck dining hall.

The San Diego side of the bridge to Coronado.

The Coronado side of the bridge to San Diego.

Military helicopters were constantly buzzing the bay.

The Hotel Del Coronado.

Moonlight on the bay.

Moonlight on the diners.

Our walk back to the Hilton.


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