Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday - Another British invasion

Playing catch up again...

Saturday we (Becky, Kim, and our friend Ann) went to Shelby to attend a workshop featuring the talents of Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch at the Cleveland County Arts Council.  Hannah lives in Scotland and Doug in England.  It was a wonderful experience and made even better since their friend and our other blogging buddy, Angela Wolford came all the way from Australia to accompany them.  It was a magical day and it was like we had rock stars in our midst.  There was a surreal quality about it since we have all been blogging together for several years and we finally got to meet face to face.

Doug and Hannah did demos for most of the day and had us all spellbound by their talents and techniques.  They showed us how they throw their forms and how they decorate them and kept us laughing all the way.

We had a great lunch and watched the Isaac Button film while eating.

Then it was back to the workshop and more wonderful forms and decorating.

After the workshop we all went out front and took a picture on the steps and then it was on to a great dinner at the Pleasant City Grill.

All too soon, it was over and we had to say goodbye to our faraway friends and bid them safe travels back home.

A big thanks to Hannah, Doug, and Angela for visiting us and to Ron Philbeck for making it possible.

The demo stage with Doug and Hannah working away.

About 35 people attended.

Doug making a puzzle jug.
It's steaming because he just blasted it with a weed burner.

Doug and Hannah intent in their work.

Puzzle jugs require a lot of work to make them puzzling.

Hannah decorates it beautifully as Doug looks on.

Becky was soaking it in.

Almost finished.


 A short break.
Susan, Jane, Becky, Kim, and Leon at lunch.

Back to work.

Robin and Kim look on as Doug quick-dries his jug.

Same jug with neck and handle added.

Great thumb chock and spiral.

Robin and Jane (in foreground) at Pleasant City Grill.

Ron and Becky.

Doug, Andrew, and Brad.

Gay came all the way from Texas for the workshop.



Ron said...

Great photos John!

Hannah said...

Hey hey hey! Thanks John. Been enjoying ginger beer from your pot for the last couple of weeks. It's great. So pleased you enjoyed your day, we loved it, we talk about you all all the time.
Take care,

jbf said...

Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did and good to hear you're using the cup --it means a lot.