Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday - A word from our sponsor

A quick note to tell everyone about the Clayworks Building Blog.

If you've just tuned in, Clayworks has purchased a building to call it's own after years of leasing at other locations.  To celebrate and keep everyone informed of the progress, we've started a blog about the building.  Please jump over there and check out the new facilities.

These are exciting times for the people of Clayworks (like me!).



ang walford said...

how exciting!!!! do you have an opening date yet ??

jbf said...

It IS exciting!

Classes are scheduled to start July 5th.

There will be many more pictures to come.

Linda Starr said...

congrats on the new digs, cant' wait to see more, looks like a nice big space.

jbf said...

Thanks! Can't wait to get in there and get settled and start making again. In air conditioning!