Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday - Family trickling in

Family started arriving Friday for Stephanie's graduation and celebration.  My parents and my father-in-law and nephew were here.  The rest of the in-laws were driving down from PA in a rented SUV, but my father-in-law and nephew flew so they didn't have to sit in the car for nine or ten hours.  The SUV pulled in at about 12:30 am on Saturday with a carload of people and my brother-in-law's one and a half year old great dane puppy.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day:
  1. Thirteen people have to figure out a shower schedule
  2. Have a continental breakfast
  3. Get to the coliseum by 10:15 am for an 11:00 am graduation ceremony
  4. Back to the house for a quick lunch
  5. Be at the photography studio by 2:00 pm for family portraits
  6. Keep a 5:00 pm reservation at the restaurant
  7. Be back at the house by 7:00 pm for cake with other relatives and watch the cousins use the Batman moon bounce.
 Got that?  There will be a quiz on it later.

Dad in the kitchen.

Mom and John.


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