Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday - Graduation day

Crazy day.  All things considered, it all went off without too many deviations.  Just stay flexible and things usually work out for the best.

Breakfast for thirteen.

Justin likes bagels.

Danish anyone?

Sydney, the puppy.

The coliseum before graduation ceremony.

The crew.

The diplomas.

Enter the graduates.

There's Stephanie!


Up the steps...

onto the stage...

Shake hands with the principal.

On to Ruth's Chris.


... cousins...


Mom and Dad.

The Batman moon bounce!

Bouncing cousins.

One cake...

two cake!
(Neither one did I make!)

The Batman shorts.
The End.



Tracey Broome said...

We are getting ready to do the same thing this Saturday, you make it look easy!

ang walford said...

ha well that looked like fun!! hope you had a great day :))

Max said...

Congrat's to the whole takes it. :)

jbf said...

Thanks all! We had a great time. It was hectic, but it pays to have a plan --especially one that can change easily. :8^)