Friday, August 13, 2010

2010-08-11 Wednesday - Ocean City, NJ

Another day of walking the beach and another night on the boardwalk.  The trip to the boardwalk held some added adventure since Justin and Stephanie got their ears pierced.  A big step for both of them.  Justin got a "regular" piercing in his left earlobe, and Stephanie got a ball stud in the upper cartilage of her left ear.  We started out at Kohr Bros. for some frozen custard and ended up at Beach Jewelry for the piercings.

This is an odd treat that we tried and turned out to be pretty good.

Justin mugging for the camera and Ryan eating his cone.

Stephanie and Justin laughing about something.

John takes any chance to see his Phillies play.

Walking the boards.

The boardwalk.

Marking the spot.







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