Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010-08-10 Tuesday - Ocean City, NJ

Tuesday started with an early morning trip on the Duke O'Fluke for some flounder fishing.  We had a good time as always, and although we hauled in a good share of fish, no one caught a keeper.  NJ regulations require a flounder to be at least eighteen inches long.  We caught more juveniles than I've ever seen on the Duke along with lots of sea bass, sea robins, sand sharks, spider crabs, and I reeled in a blue fin crab.  This is the first year I've seen people pull in crabs and also the first time no one caught a skate.

In the late afternoon/early evening the kite surfers came out on the beach and we enjoyed watching their acrobatics as the sun went low.  I marvel at the coordination required to kite surf: keeping yourself as the fulcrum between the wind and the water and achieving all those jumps and stunts is simply amazing.

Kite surfing in the waves.

Cruising around.

This guy popped up in the air, took off his board,
spun it 360 and put it back on before landing.

Jumping the waves.

Another jump.

Looks like fun, no?

Here are some videos I shot while watching.  Fun stuff.

Simple ride.

Couple of wipeouts.

Nice ride.



Anonymous said...

Where are the swimmers?

jbf said...

This is after five pm and most of the swimmers are already gone for the day.