Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010-08-21 Saturday - Barrel Firing

Saturday saw another barrel firing and the maiden voyage of the new barrel.  Becky and Kim used several different things to add color to their pieces and carefully built the layers in the barrel.  One of the things added to the mix was kindling from the "lightning tree".  Becky had wood from a tree that was splintered by a lightning hit and it really was fragments. 

It was an "OK" firing as some things came out well, but others didn't.  You never know exactly what's going to happen in the barrel.  Once the barrel was started and the raku kiln was firing merrily I went into the studio and started making some pots.

Becky and Kim loading the materials.

Part of the lightning tree and some other kindling.

White bag: dried cow pies, black bag: wood shavings.
(Yes, I said "dried cow pies".)

Seaweed I dragged back from the shore.

She's loaded and ready to light...

... and there she goes.

A leaf pot (thanks, Ju-Ian!).

A frog pot (ditto).


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