Monday, August 9, 2010

2010-08-08 Sunday - Ocean City, NJ

Sunday was our first full day in Ocean City, NJ.  It's not my NJ since it's at the wrong end of the state, but it's great to be here again with my in-laws.  We always have a great time and the weather looks like it's going to hold out for us.

We are on the beach again this year after a long break of being across the street and the view of the surf from the back porch is amazing.  I always forget how loud the surf is and I was reminded again this morning.

Old pier from the back porch.

View off the back porch.

Some beach-goers on the other side of the dune.

Morning sun on the water.

The surfers were out early.

A rabbit showed up on the back deck and he was pretty tame.

More early morning beach-goers.

A closer view of the rabbit.

The rabbit at ease.

Later in day, everyone relaxing in the living room.

Surfers everywhere.


The view down the row of houses.

Chasing the waves.

More instructional signage.

Evening brings ice cream.

Uncle Scott enjoying his cone.

Justin, Scott, and Audrey.

Sack O' Subs sign.

The view reflected in my van window.

The trolley bus.



Max said...

Hey, have a great time. Loved the shot "morning on the water", and of course the rabbit shots were great! Hope I don't hear of a meal of rabbit stew later in the week!!!

jbf said...

Thanks! That rabbit looks a bit thin even if I did know how to make rabbit stew. :8^)