Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010-08-09 Monday - Ocean City, NJ

Monday we spent a lot of time walking the beach and then came back and had a nice hamburger and hot dog dinner.  Once that was cleaned up we headed to the boardwalk for some frozen custard and caramel corn.  While they're getting a bit big for some of the rides, the kids still love going to the boardwalk.  Traditions.

Supper time!
Stephanie, Audrey, John, Eva, and Scott.

Frozen custard for Eva and Audrey.

John, Scott, Eva, and Audrey.

There's ALWAYS a line at Kohr Bros.

Meredith, Justin, Stephanie (with popcorn bucket on head), and Ryan.

The people working at Kohr Bros. can handle multiple cones.

Audrey and Eva, Ryan, and Meredith (blurring out of frame.)

Ryan, Justin, Scott, Stephanie (still balancing), and John.


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