Friday, November 14, 2008

What a beautiful mess

It's that time of year again. We are raking up leaves and putting them at the curb. It's a lot of work and something we generally dread, but sometimes one has to stop and notice the beauty of the situation.

We are used to looking in wonder at a single leaf in autumn and at a yard full of them as a chore, but if you stop and look at a large fall of leaves after some wind and/or rain you might come away with a different opinion.

It's still a colossal chore staring you down, but it's also a beautiful painting to be admired for a moment before the cussing and ibuprofen start.

Today's assignment: Find beauty in something you hate or dread.


Amy said...

that's a postcard kinda picture.

Becky said...

Wise words, John. Something to remember. Thank you.

jbf said...

The scary part is we had all the leaves cleaned up before the rain hit.

I don't know about wise, but fun to think about the dichotomy of the situation. There's ALWAYS at least two ways to look at something.