Friday, November 7, 2008

Kiln opening, lid trimming and pots

As always there was a lot happening in the studio Thursday night. After the regular classes, Julie, Greg, and Ro opened their kiln. Elaine, Becky, and Sunshine also showed up for the festivities. It was a fine firing and everyone was pretty pleased with their pots.

Becky and Elaine had some test tiles in the kiln to try out some of their new glazes.

With all the kiln opening festivities I didn't get a chance to throw any more pots tonight. Hopefully I will get some things made Friday night.

Sunshine, Elaine, Julie, and Ro
(doing her Vanna White impersonation).

Greg likes his cup
(and I do too!).

Julie had quite a large collection
in this firing and it came out great.

Greg's part of the firing.
Most of the larger pieces are a commission.

Somehow in all the hub-bub I missed getting a picture of Ro's work, which was wonderful. Sorry, Ro!

The folks firing the kiln were very kind to include a few of my pieces. We were anxious to see how the new underglazes worked out and they came out pretty well.

Spotted shino with red underglaze spiral.

Spotted shino, red and yellow
underglaze, and Tom's clear.

Spotted shino, yellow and red underglazes.

A couple of my juicers with
yanagahara white and Alfred blue.
These both have the same glazes
and were right next to each other
in the kiln. You just never know...

I trimmed up this lid tonight.
It's one of the new style ones that
are hollow from the bottom of the
interior flange to the top of the point.

This is a straight-on picture that shows
the way the line follows from the lid to the pot.
I am pleased with the dimensions on this one.

Turn on, tune in, throw pots.

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