Tuesday, November 11, 2008

100 POTS!!!

I made my 100th pot Monday night!

I have to make three more to replace three that didn't make it and I want to make about ten more as a cushion in case some don't come through the firing. It took me ten weeks, but I made it.

I threw these on Saturday
and trimmed them Monday night.

I threw these on Monday night.

The scene of the crime.

The 100th pot!
I am planning on slipping it
and writing a big 100 in the bottom.

The shelf.

That old guy sure is happy.


doug fitch said...

Hurrah!! Congratulations, that was a great exercise, you must feel pretty good - now all that glazing to do.

jbf said...

Thanks! I do feel good, and too right about all the glazing.

doug fitch said...

Yes, that's the down side of making a lot of pots, glazing's the worst, I've got to go and do a load of that in a minute - will you try out different techniques, brushwork etc.?

jbf said...

I don't mind the glazing as much as I used to. I have come to accept it and anticipate it as a part of the process (it's all about the process).

I will use several different techniques since I have so much to learn as I go. I've been doing some glaze trailing of late and have been known to put some slip on top of the glaze. I do some pouring of different glazes and layers and I generally spray the shinos with some oxides as well.

I also have to glaze a pot for a raku firing on Wednesday. Work, work, work.

S'all good.

Ron said...

Yea John. Way to go! Look forward to seeing you tonight.

jbf said...



Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I am so impressed. Congratulations! Y'know...you wouldn't have to glaze all 100 if you wanted to add a few to the next barrel firing. ;)

Becky said...

Oops. Forgot to switch out google accounts. See ya tonight!!!

jbf said...

Thanks. I kinda' figured it was you. ;^)

Amy said...

congrats! I really like the tumblers. see you tonight! oh, and you're not old...

jbf said...

Thanks! Old is relative --I'm relatively old. :^)

Elaine Spallone said...

Well I am one proud potter colleague!! And thrilled to see my name on your 100 pots sign!!! Great work. I know you have inspired many because of your awesome accomplishment. I won't make any "suggestions" for awhile but know I am contemplating the next one! don't be scared.

Cheers again!!

jbf said...

Thanks for being the catalyst for my growth. I have learned SO MUCH during my journey.

Oh, I'm scared alright.