Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tomoo Kitamura workshop

Tomoo Kitamura came to Clayworks on Saturday for a workshop. He uses a combination of throwing and coil building to create large sculptural pieces as well as throwing conventional forms of pottery. It was a great workshop. Tomoo's presentation was very informative and entertaining and he showed us some great methods.

Adrienne with some of Tomoo's work.

Throwing on the wheel.
He makes it look very easy.

Working on the large head sculpture.

Adding a mouth.

The audience is rapt.

The head grows taller.

While waiting for the head sculpture
to dry a bit it's back to the wheel.

Explaining throwing off the hump
and making yunomi.

Further along.

Anatomy of a yunomi.

Becky decides to combine
yoga with her pottery.

Saucer for the cup.

Stamping the ceremonial tea bowl with ash.

Trimming yunomi on a thrown chuck.

More trimming.

Closing the head sculpture.
As you can see, he has done some line carving on it.

After Tomoo left, the studio
was quickly put back to normal.

You can find my whole set of workshop photos here.

You can see more pictures of the workshop on Becky's blog here.

You can see even more photos from Ed here. Thanks, Ed!

Check them all out since they all offer a different view of the class.


Becky said...

Great pictures from a great workshop! Tomoo made it all look so easy. Soon, I want to try making something really large using the throwing/construction technique.

But first there's a gas kiln to unload! :) See you there!

Amy said...

Thanks for this post. How I wish I could've been there! Maybe someday I'll make something at least a quarter as big as that sculpture. Happy glazing the 100!