Wednesday, November 5, 2008

84 (could have been 85...)

Tuesday night I trimmed and handled some mugs and trimmed some other pots. Unfortunately one (one of my favorites, of course) was too dry and it collapsed under my grip. I guess I had a bit too much grasp on the situation.

I then slipped a bunch of pieces (Ron and Doug, don't look!) with the idea of trying some decorating. We'll see how it goes or they might go into the slop bucket.

I couldn't leave the studio being down one pot, so even though it was late I threw four more pots (all off the same hump). I'll have to throw more off the hump tonight since it's "hump day".

Mugs - Now with handles.

Some just don't make it.
(It's not their fault.)

Slip-pery when wet.

New pots thrown off one hump.



Amy said...

I was at the studio yesterday and noticed the former #85 in the bucket and wondered whose it was... Now I know!

jbf said...

Yes, I performed a short service which consisted of shrugging and walking away. :^)