Monday, November 3, 2008

Fast throwing

I found some fast throwing demos on youtube. These are amazing and really inspire me. The first one is about throwing six bowls in two minutes. The second is about throwing a goblet in fifteen seconds. Check them out.


doug fitch said...

Ha ha! That's funny :)

Elaine Spallone said...

I laughed fully and out loud.


jbf said...

I like it. :^)

Then my work here is done.

Tim See said...

Hello Jbf,
My name is Tim when I get bored I check where my videos have been and found your blog. Great work and a super community of fellow potters you get to work with. I can see you have been trying some of the techniques I have shown in videos. that was a pretty good slap tray and stretched pot. Take care Tim

jbf said...

I'm sorry, I guess I should have acknowledged you when I linked to the video. I have watched several of your videos that I have found through the clayart mailing list. Thanks for all the great instruction.