Thursday, November 27, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

On Monday night I threw two large-ish pots using craggy crunch. I really like this clay as it's very toothy and almost gritty. It dries quickly, but Joe tells me that it regains it's plasticity easily by wetting it a bit. By throwing a cylinder, decorating it, and then only pushing out from the inside I can achieve a rough or rustic look. To finish it off I give it a smooth lip to contrast the roughness of the body. Look for more of these in the future.

Two from Monday night.

I also threw two bottle bodies on Monday using orangestone. Once these are bisqued I'm hoping to put them in one of Ron's salt firings. (Thanks, Ron!) On Wednesday I threw necks on the bottles and they came out ok.

Adding a coil of clay to the top of the bottle.

After adding the necks.

After paddling one of the bottles.

Wednesday I made another one of those
craggy crunch pots (the best one yet!).

What's this bowl doing here?

I'd better sneak up on it...

There seems to be something in the bottom of it.

I slipped the bowl that was the 100th pot
to document the piece.

I am so taken with this latest craggy crunch pot
I couldn't resist one more shot.

This week's thought: Try making something new using a different material to shake your thinking loose.


Becky said...

Sweet pots, John! I'd like to play around with the craggy crunch clay.

Are you giving the 100th piece to Elaine? :)

happy Thanksgiving!

blaine and laura said...

i use craggy for my tiles--can't imagine throwing with it! it's super chunky, but really forgiving...

jbf said...

Becky- Give it a try it's a lot of fun!

Blaine and Laura- It's great for throwing. It is VERY forgiving and I love the rough surface created when pushing out from the inside. I'm looking forward to using more of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey John - this is totally off topic - do you have any pics from the Muddy Fun sessions? Ann & I are going to work an info booth at the Clayworks sale Friday night. Can you e-mail them to me at

Thanks! Hopefully I'll see you at Clayworks tonight.

Becky said...

Ah! *light bulb goes off in Becky's head*. Is THAT where the Muddy Fun photos came from??? I guess I should have guessed.