Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lots of work, but no throwing (still at 84)

I worked six hours at the studio Friday night and still didn't get to throw any new pots. I spent all my time trimming, slipping, stapling, and collaring. I only have one more week to get the last pots out. I worked until 2:00 am and still and 84...

This bowl was too dry and it split
when I tried to trim it.
Greg and I discussed some options.

After some stapling with nickel-chromium wire to stop the splits and look decorative, Greg gave me a piece of one of Adrienne's broken pots thrown with the Craig's clay and some of his porcelain balls (soft porcelain with mason stain mixed into it). Thanks Greg, I'm honored. Lemons=lemonade.

Greg and I decided recently that attaching things to pots with wire should be called 'Lenzoing' after Peter Lenzo since he does a lot of that in his work. Another noun becomes a verb, like 'text'. "Text me later." "I'm gonna Lenzo this shard on here." I hope Mr. Lenzo doesn't take offense since it is used with respect.

Some slipped yunomi.

An evening's work.

I'm trying to brush some texture
into the slip on the round bowls.

I don't have a 'before' picture of this pot,
but it was only as high as the
white, slipped part before I fluted it
and added a thrown neck.
Trust me, it looks better as a taller pot.

Another pot with a hollow lid.
Once again, I like the way the line
from the pot continues through the lid
or vice versa.

There is a whole mess 'o glazing in my future.

Party on Garth.


Amy said...

Great pics. I really like the yunomi ones. Maybe sometime we could all go out and eat Japanese in honor of the yunomi style pots.

jbf said...

Thanks! I'm ready. When are we going?

Becky said...

I saw that particular bowl today on the bisque shelf and wondered "WHO did that???" In retrospect I should have realized it was a JBF piece. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

jbf said...

Am I that "out there"? If you think I am, then a "Thank you" is in order. ;^)