Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016-02-19 - Friday - Catching up with friends

I've been enjoying using Periscope lately, watching and chatting with friends far and wide.

This week I've checked in with Michael Kline, Adam Field, Will Baker, and someone I haven't chatted with for a long time: Angela Walford.

It was great catching up with Angela in her new studio in Seppeltsfield, South Australia. We had a nice chat about pots, obvara firing, mutual friends, and of course, Doctor Who.

Angela and I met online several years ago while blogging. A bunch of us connected via blogger and had a great time sharing ideas and stories around the world. When Facebook came along a lot of us went there, then Instagram. Some of us have gotten back to blogging and it's a nice change to the rapid-fire rhythm of Facebook.

In 2011 Angela came to Shelby, NC with Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew (now Fitch) for a great workshop. It was wonderful meeting everyone IRL (In Real Life) and we all had a great day. There were so many great memories and one was Angela and I discussing Doctor Who.

I can't recommend Periscope enough. Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones is wonderful.

In video.

In real time.


I forgot to take a screenshot during the scope
so I had to get one from the replay.


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angela walford said...

hey John! lovely chatting, catch up again soon ;)