Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016-02-15 - Monday - Ice

We're getting some freezing rain tonight. The meteorologists have been all wrong about this storm.

First, it was supposed to snow on Sunday night, change to freezing rain this morning, and then all rain after lunch, getting warmer as the afternoon wore on.

This morning was bone dry.

Next, we were told that the freezing rain would start at around 1:00 pm. At about 1:30 it started sprinkling regular rain on and off. It stopped for several hours and we were told not to worry because the temperature would rise in the evening. Instead, the freezing rain started just before sunset and is still continuing at a bit after 11:00 pm, still freezing.

We are seeing on the TV news that the interstates are a mess and we're wondering what the morning will be like.

At least it's warm and dry here. I hope you are too.

Icicles on the lamp post.

Ice in the trees.


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