Monday, February 15, 2016

2016-02-13 - Saturday - Photos and Periscope

Saturday my friend Edson Scudder came by Clayworks to photograph some of my Empty Bowls. Edson likes to play with light and images as much as I like to play with mud and fire. He had some really creative ideas for staging the bowls and we had a lot of fun playing with perceptions. Thank you Edson and please come back anytime.

No stance is too dangerous... get the shot.
(photo from Edson's Facebook post)

Who's that guy?
(photo from Edson's Facebook post)

I noticed this ghostly floating measuring cup in the sink bin.

Later in the day I was trimming some pots and watching Michael Kline paint on a tiny cup on Periscope. It's very relaxing to work on your pots while watching/listening to a master doing his or her work. I just set up the phone next to my wheel and went to work.

MK's tiny cup.


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