Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016-02-02 - Tuesday - Small Victories and Garlic

You may remember I have talked about banding our trees to stop the wingless moths (adult female form of the fall cankerworm) from getting to the top of the tree to lay their eggs. It's the best way to break the cycle and save the trees.

When I examined the banding today I saw that a lot of moths got stuck and dumped their load of eggs in death. It's sad, but I will take the victory to save our trees. Last spring was horrible with the maple leaves looking like doilies and the thousands of inchworms hanging on threads everywhere. When you'd walk from the car to the house you'd have them all over you. We found them everywhere.

Egg misfires.

Tuesday night I went to Clayworks and cleared my head of making bowls by throwing some familiar forms. I want to take off in some new directions, but sometimes you have to clear the cobwebs out before taking off. It's like a lemon sorbet between meal courses.

Garlic pots.


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