Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016-02-04 - Thursday - Eggs and Pots

One of my new favorite breakfasts is steel cut oats, soft-boiled eggs, and sriracha sauce. The steel cut oats are a bit nuttier than rolled oats and are almost like brown rice. I veered off of this recipe for rice, spinach, and soft-boiled eggs with sriracha sauce, which I also love.

Beth at Budget Bytes ( has some wonderful recipes that are all doable within a budget. I have totally adopted her method for soft-boiled eggs and her egg quesadilla recipe. Go check her site out, and tell her I sent you.

Bowl by me.

Thursday night I went to Clayworks and cleared more cobwebs out of my head before starting anything new. It really is therapeutic to have your hands in clay and making things.



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