Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016-02-20 - Saturday - Computers, Lunch, and Pottery

Today I helped some friends with their computer. Afterwards they treated me to a wonderful lunch and we chatted for a while. It's nice to spend time with nice people and catch up a bit.

Next, it was on to Clayworks to look at a new router and make some pots. Since I got a later start than I had planned I tentatively connected the router and then finished glazing the last six Empty Bowls. They only needed some clear glaze over the underglaze designs and a small spray of cobalt to finish them, so it was quick work.

I talked to a few people at the studio and then it was off again home to wait for Karen and have supper.

Nothing monumental, but like so many days it was a full one.

I'm thankful.


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