Friday, November 4, 2011

October 22 - Charlotte Charity League sale

Friday night I set up for the Charlotte Charity League Showcase of Artisans show on Saturday.

After setting up my display I went to the studio assistants appreciation get together at Clayworks (and was having WAY too much fun to pull out my camera).  We had a good turnout to honor our great studio assistants and we were able to tell them how much we appreciated all the hard work they did moving us to the new building and setting up everything.

Saturday it was back the the Charity League Sale.  The crowds were sparse, but I got to hang out with some friends from Clayworks:  Dorothy and Robin were also participating in the show.  I also made a great new friend named Frances --turns out she is Cary's (one of our instructors and also a good friend) best friend.

Thanks to Jaime and her friend Rachael for coming by!

Saturday evening I went to Clayworks to make more raku pots.

I didn't have to pay extra for this sunlight midway through the sale,
but it was pretty dramatic.



More raku pots.


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