Friday, November 4, 2011

October 19 - Lunch with Joe and making raku pots

On Wednesday I had lunch with my long lost friend Joe Fox.  (Yes, he still strides the earth!)

Joe has been absent from Clayworks for quite a while now since he's been going through a major conversion at work.  We anxiously await the day (or evening) he returns and it was great to have lunch with him at the Vietnam Grille.  Come back and see us, Joe.

That evening I went to Clayworks and cranked out some pots for our upcoming raku firing downtown(!) at the Wells Fargo Community Cultural Event.  I need to make a bunch of pots so we have enough to raku for six hours of demoing.  "Get that wheel spinning!"

I think Joe might need a vacation...

Trying to do some pots with a bit of formality.


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