Sunday, November 13, 2011

October 29 - Big Day part 2

After finishing our downtown gig, carting everything back to Clayworks, and unloading it, I seriously needed a nap.  I ran home and took thirty minutes on the recliner, showered, changed and headed to Cuisine Malaya where a large group of us were meeting for dinner before going to the Double Door Inn.

Elaine, Carolyn, Rich, Fred, Becky, Kim's hands.

Deb and Elaine.

Angela and Becky.

After dinner, we strolled over to the Double Door (next door) and staked out some seats.  Gigi Dover and the Big Love put on a great show and we danced some more.

Credit goes to Kim for the following great photos at the Double Door.

Batman and Groucho.

Carolyn, Rich, me, Kimberly (standing), and Angela.

Gigi Dover and the Big Love
on stage at the Double Door Inn.

(?), Elaine, Becky, Ansley, me.

Ansley, me (making a strange face) and Becky.


Chuck and Gigi's print.

Eric playing sitar.

Big Boy made an appearance for a song.

I finally left the Double Door and got to bed by 2:00 am.  Twenty-Two hours from when I got up.  I was bone-weary, mainly because I'm not twenty years old anymore, but it was a great day that I would gladly do all over again given the chance.

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