Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 13 - Side Note

I was running late to the Allison McGowan workshop and Guild meeting so I couldn't stop, but on the way I saw the sweetest kid-painted sign in a front yard.  It said:

Candy 10 cents
Origami 10 cents

Under the sign was the required cute little girl sitting behind a table patiently waiting for a car to stop.

I SO wanted to stop and buy some origami, but I was already late and was only halfway to the meeting.  I really hope she is going to be back out there sometime in the future so I can make a purchase and take a photo of the sign.

It really was hard to keep my foot on the gas pedal because I hate to skip moments like that.  It's those little moments that make your day.

Sometimes you gotta' stop and buy the origami...



Tracey Broome said...

I would have totally stopped and bought origami!! What a cool thing. We had an open house one time when we were selling our house, our daughter was little and she set up a lemonade stand. That was the most fun and she made $25! I love it when kids start their own little enterprises!

jbf said...

I will next time. If I hadn't been so late I would have for sure.