Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 11 - Barrel Firing on 11-11-11

Friday we held the first barrel firing in the new building.  It was quite an affair and very well attended.  As usual, we had a lot of fun chatting, snacking, and laughing and --oh yeah, we fired some pieces too.  It was a glorious evening with a full moon overseeing the whole affair.

Filling the barrel.
Photo by Kim Marcadis.

Elaine and Becky lighting the barrel, re-enacting the first barrel firing.
Photo by Kim Marcadis.

Photo by Kim Marcadis.

Photo by Kim Marcadis.

Photo by Kim Marcadis.

It's lit.

Kim and Rich trying to get that perfect shot
while Elaine and Ansley look on.

Fred, Becky, Cyn, Jaime, Greg, Elaine, Chuck, and Carolyn.

The fire rages on.

Lots of wood.

After it's covered, lots of copper (green) and cobalt (blue) flames.

Minke's "diving lady" sculpture in the flames.

After the barrel burned down and people started drifting away, I added some handles to my crackle pots.  I have some plans to enhance these handles when I glaze them.  Stay tuned.

The other night Chuck mentioned that my bag of little loafers clay (next to the head) looked like the Necronomicon (book of the dead) from the Evil Dead movies.  (My favorite is Army of Darkness.)

The bag that looks like the book on the left.

One of the porcelain eyes fell out of my head.
Now it looks even creepier...



ang walford said...

yey!!! what a great christening for the new place bring on the barrel and the fire!!! wish i could have been there :))

Max said...

looks like fun as usual.
Great looking crackle pots.

jbf said...

Wish you could've been there too. It was a blast.

It was great. Thanks, I'm enjoying them quite a bit.

TropiClay Studio said...

Gotta love that "Army Of Darkness"!