Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 13 - Allison McGowan workshop

Sunday was the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Guild meeting with the usual covered dish gathering and we were treated to a workshop with Allison McGowan.  She makes beautiful hand-built pieces using lots of great texture and nice, full forms.  She slams all her own slabs instead of using a slab roller and makes her own forms.  We were amazed at the plasticity of her custom porcelain blend, it just stretches on forever.

You can check out her work on her website.

President Judy addresses the guild.

Allison's work.

Bag pot.

Slamming a slab.

That is actually a slab of porcelain that she's
slamming from over her head to the table!


Draping it over her soft "bag" form.


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