Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010-05-15 Saturday - Big Day in Town

This weekend it may be hard to get anywhere in town.  Let's see, in no particular order we have:
  • The Ultra Swim competition at the Aquatic Center.  Not only is this a large event, but Michael Phelps (yup, the one with all the jewelry) is going to be there.
  • The NASCAR Hall of Fame opened this week and expects huge crowds this weekend with lots of drivers on hand.
  • The NRA national convention is here with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Chuck Norris (that's right, TV's "Walker, Texas Ranger").  Estimates say the NRA is drawing more than 70,000 people.
The thing you might not realize about all this is that it is taking place in about a six block area downtown (which Charlotte city government desperately wants us to call 'Uptown' for its more positive sound).

We have got it going on for a city the size of ours.  I am thankful that the people who are working diligently to bring these events to town are doing it for the revenue it brings to the area, but I don't have to like all the extra traffic.  I don't really mind the two times a year when we can't go out to eat because everything is full of race fans.  We can mark it on the calendar and make other plans.  Now Charlotte leaders are trying to lure the Democratic national convention.  If it happens I may have to take an Al Bundy vacation --one where I don't leave the couch for a week.

Since I'm not interested in any of this weekend's events I only have to worry which route I will take to try to wind my way to the studio today, which is just north of downtown.  Wish me luck.

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Amy said...

Now I know about all these events! Got stuck in traffic going towards uptown on Friday afternoon- gosh. what a weekend!